About American Art Décor

Rustic décor for the modern home.

Our contemporary lives are all too often rushed, full of stress, cluttered with impersonal objects that we don’t enjoy. In response to the high-speed, high-tech, often disconnected world of today, many people are turning their thoughts to older models of simple living. This can be seen in the rising popularity of American Art Décor’s (AAD) favorite home décor style—modern farmhouse.

Traditional and timeless materials like wood and metal draw a connection to the past and to the land, and unique combinations of old, new, and vintage-inspired objects create a  look that is cohesive but far from cookie-cutter.

This is a design style meant to be lived in. The signs of well-loved use are right at home in a nostalgic, weathered aesthetic. An emphasis on comfort creates a cozy, inviting space, while modern elements and amenities help rooms feel light and open.  

We at American Art Décor know that it can be difficult to achieve this enviable style in your own home without extensive time to comb through vintage shops, undertake elaborate DIY projects, or save up for costly antique or designer home goods. We believe decorating your home should be enjoyable, not burdensome. That’s why we created American Art Décor.

At AAD we design, manufacture, and retail all our own products, offering an eclectic range of modern farmhouse items. From antique inspired wall art to shabby chic mirrors to distressed wooden cabinets, we cut out the middle man to bring a carefully curated selection of high quality home décor directly to you, the consumer. And thanks to our user-friendly online store, shopping for our products is as simple as clicking a button.

Our mission is to provide quality products at reasonable prices to help you complete the unique vision you have for your space. If you’re looking for home décor ideas, head over to our blog, where we regularly feature a variety of style tips and design ideas.

Our artists draw on their years of product development experience to create unique contemporary décor connected to the values of country living: an emphasis on comfort earned through hard work, the importance of home life, and a sense of gratitude for the bounty around you. In developing new pieces for AAD, our product designers take inspiration from vintage shops, antique fairs, and flea markets, alongside more modern design. At the center of our design process is an appreciation for the classic rustic materials of distressed wood and galvanized metal, and the iconic imagery of farmhouse style.

We want to help you take pride in your home while keeping it a practical space for the daily business of living. No furniture covered in plastic here! Instead you’ll find warm woods, textured neutrals, antique typefaces, and images of nature and farm life. We are thrilled to bring you this blend of rustic country and urban modern to help create a home that reflects what you love.